Journal of Speech and Perception: Human Machine and Cybernetics

Founding Editor:
Francis Li

International Editorial Board

Journal of Speech and Perception: Human Machine and Cybernetics is an international, open access, peer-reviewed and copyedited periodical concerning all aspects of speech related research and technologies including speech production and perception by humans and machines, and the interaction of human and machine via speech. It strives to promote multidisciplinary fusion.

Speech is a major means of everyday human communication. Production and perception are the two key aspects in speech communication. The advancement of computer science and ICT has enabled machine production and perception of speech. Human computer interaction (HCI) via speech, natural and synthesised, should further improve the usability of ICT and ultimately quality of life. Driven by all these, speech related research is carried out in various disciplines and diverse fields. The Journal of Speech and Perception: Human Machine and cybernetics is the probably the first international, open access peer-reviewed and copyedited journal of its kind in that it aims at a cross-fertilization among all aspects of speech related research and technological development including speech production by humans and machines, and interaction between human and machine via natural and synthesised speech. The scope also extends beyond verbal aspects of speech communication.

The journal publishes original and high quality articles based on merit, rigour and integrity. It adopts the open access policy to promote accessibility and academic impact. The journal publishes two issues per annum, plus one guest-edited special issue where there is an interest. The journal welcomes submission of the following types:

Other forms of outcomes from academic studies and industrial R&D, and novel formats of articles that can effectively share experience, knowledge, and know-how are equally welcome.

The journal invites expressions of interest for the roles of editor-in-chief, associate editors and board members. The interested may contact the editor of AT-Journals using the email address below for further information and starting a discussion.